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Continental Breakfast Service

Continental Breakfast Services Premium Coffee service with locally fresh roasted coffee beans every week and brewed just for your need. This Service of coffee is accompanied by a delicious assortment of Fresh Baked Muffins. (Priced Per Person) *Min QTY 10 Required


Deluxe Breakfast Service

Deluxe Breakfast Services Breakfast served with Premium Coffee, Bagels with Cream Cheese,butter or jelly, Fresh Baked Treats & Fresh Cut Fruit Salad. (Priced Per Person) * Required Minimum QTY 15


Budget Bagel Breakfast

Budget Bagel Breakfast consists of Fresh Bagels served with Cream Cheese, Butter and Jellies. (Priced Per Person). *Minimum QTY of 12 Required


Healthy Break AM or PM Service

Healthy Break AM or PM Service Premium Coffee Service complemented by a healthy serving of yogurt, organic granola, whole fruit and bottled Juice or Soft Drinks. (Priced Per Person) * Minimum Required QTY 10.


Fresh Brewed Coffee Service

This service is order to serve fresh coffee brewed and served or any size fulfill the needs of any small office meetings (Priced Per Person) *Required Minimum QTY 15.


Hot Tea Service.

Varieties of Tea Bags individual wrapped and be served with hot water


Daily Grind Quick Lunch Sandwiches

DG famous tray is a combination of deli (salad) sandwiches such as chicken, curry chicken, turkey, tuna, & egg served on a multigrain, rye & potato bread.


Grind Signature Fresh Wrap!!!

The Signature Healthy & Fresh Lunch guarantees to satisfy all tastes. These options offer both variety and the convenience to take your lunch anywhere. The Signature Tray offers an assortment of vegan, vegetarian, white/marinated chicken & turkey assorted wraps with or without cheese. For detailed food list, please checkout the lunch menu. ** Required Min QTY of 10.


Freshly Cut Fruit Salad

Freshly cut fruit served as needed. **Required Minimum Order of 10.


Assorted Salads

Salads made of Fresh Green Mix or traditional romaine heart such as Classic Caesar, Chef, Aphrodite, & Greek Salad. Vegetarian or Meat. **Required Min QTY 10


Bottled Juice

Assortment of Bottled Juice for refreshment for quick morning or afternoon meetings.