Decaf Boat Builders Blend
A Grind favorite. The smoky rich flavor of Guatemala Antigua combines with the bright, wine-like flavor of Ethiopian Harrar to create a wonderfully complex medium bodied coffee.

Decaf Brazil Daterra Estate (Organic Relationship)
Daterra Estate uses sustainable organic methods to produce a very

Decaf Colombian Excelso (Organic)
Excelso is grown in great quantities throughout the vast coffee region

Decaf Guatemala Antigua
The volcanic soil of Guatemala lends a distinct smoky flavor to this varietal. This is a richly flavored coffee which has a surprisingly smooth full body and makes a wonderful cup of coffee any time of day.

Decaf Whimsey?s House Blend
This blend contains three of the world?s finest specialty coffees. Columbian provides a rich, flavorful base which showcases the full body of Sumatra Mandheling and the subtle, earthy tones of Ethiopian Harrar.

Swiss Water-Processed Mexican Chiapas (Organic)
These coffee beans come from the Chiapas region in the southern

Swiss Water-Processed Sumatra Mandheling (Organic)
Decaf Sumatra uses Swiss water processing to gently remove the caffeine from the bean without the use of chemicals. This organic coffee is then medium roasted to highlight its full body, earthy aroma, and low acidity.