Brazil Daterra Estate (Organic Relationship)
Brazil Daterra Estate (Organic Relationship)

Colombian Excelso (Organic)
Excelso is grown in great quantities throughout the vast coffee region

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe (Organic)
Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee.

Italian Roast (Organic)
In Italy coffee is made rich and dark. Using a slow roast process our master roaster creates an exceptionally dark, rich, smoky flavor that is light bodied. It is simply magnificent.

Mexican Chiapas (Organic)
These coffee beans come from the Chiapas region in the southern

Mountain Harvest
A smooth post-roast blend of Organic Peruvian, Sumatran and Mexican beans; each is roasted separately to achieve a perfect combination of smokiness, body, and low acidity.

Nicaraguan Segovia (Fair-Trade)
This Fair-Trade certified coffee is the epitome of balance. It has a big flavor, reminiscent of milk chocolate with a pleasant, bittersweet tang in the finish, remaining balanced. This coffee is mild enough to be a crowd-pleasing classic cup, too.

Papua New Guinea (Fair-Trade)
This organic, Fair-Trade, hailing from the Indonesian island bearing

Peru Andes Gold (Fair-Trade)
Grown in the Andes at high altitudes near the Colombian border, this organic bean produces a mild, easy drinking cup with hints of chocolate. In addition to being certified by the OCIA as organic, this coffee is also FAIR-TRADE.

Rainforest Blend (Organic)
A blend of Central and South American beans selected from the finest shade growing farms in their regions. Roasted to a medium dark brown, these beans release their full, rich flavor and excellent balance.

Sumatra Mandheling (Organic)
Sumatra is certified Organic by the OCIA. This coffee, from the island of Sumatra?s Gayo Mountain region, brews up a very smooth, earthy cup. The coffee is full-bodied and has an outstanding wine-like, syrupy taste.

Vienna Roast (Organic)
A coffee roasted medium-dark to near perfection with remarkable balance. The flavor is somewhat nutty, with a hint of chocolate and spice. This is a very fragrant cup of coffee.