Brazilian Peaberry
The Peaberry coffee bean from Brazil is the smallest, round bean, offering the mildest coffee of all the peaberries. Brazilian Peaberry yields a cup of coffee with a smooth taste, medium body, and a pleasant aroma.

Costa Rican Tarrazu
These small compact beans produce a clean, crisp, lively cup with pronounced acidity and light body. Consistently high in quality and roasted to full development, Costa Rican is a great light cup with delightful complexity.

El Salvador Peaberry
A rich, full-bodied coffee with a smooth, sophisticated flavor and intense aroma. This coffee is less acidic than other Central American coffees, exhibiting distinct, sweet caramel flavors in the cup.

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe
Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee.

Guatemala Antigua
The volcanic soil of Guatemala lends a distinct smoky flavor to this varietal. This is a richly flavored coffee which has a surprisingly smooth full body and makes a wonderful cup of coffee any time of day.

Indian Monsoon
Malabar coffee is one of the most distinct in the world. The beans are exposed to the force of the monsoon, which removes much of the acidity. The resulting coffee is smooth with an almond-like flavor.

Kenya AA
This coffee, grown from the slopes of Mount Kenya, is graded 'AA' for its fine quality. The flavor is complicated, with sharp acidity and a stoic solid body, much like an excellent wine.

Papua New Guinea
Our Papua New Guinea coffee comes from the Sigri Estate. Full, Rich Body with hints of Spice and a Clean Refreshing Finish.

Sumatra Mandehling
Our Sumatra is cultivated in Mandehling, the finest growing region of Sumatra in the Indonesian Archipelago. Grown at very high altitudes, this Sumatra has a Deep Aroma, Thick Body and a Sweet Malty Flavor.

Tanzania Peaberry
The small, distinctively shaped bean that gives this coffee its name also imparts an intense aroma and an uncharacteristically mild flavor for an African coffee. This coffee is rich and mellow with a medium body.